The chances of children having better lives is dismal when they do not get the chance to receive proper education. Without proper education, these children become a contributing factor to the cycles of global poverty. In some countries, going to school is difficult because of extreme poverty that encroaches people’s homesteads. In areas that a stricken by poverty, children are unable to attend both primary and secondary schools and they continue living in unsafe conditions. Most of these children, especially girls are married at a tender age while their male counterparts engage in criminal activities. The girls are seen as a source of income for families because when they are married off, the fetch the families dowry. Boys are supposed to provide for the family and they resort to criminal activities as the only way they can get money. Even though parents think that by marrying their young girls off, it’s the only way they can get better lives, it is not a good idea because they lose the opportunity of gaining education. The girls can face other issues such as domestic violence, health issues as well as continuing the cycle of poverty.
Children who get the opportunity of going to school have the chance of helping their countries end poverty through education. Investing in individual education is one of the best ways of defeating global poverty and therefore, parents in the world should be encouraged to take their children to school. Several benefits can be accrued by investing in education and these include;
  • Saving the lives of children
  • Boosting economic growth
  • Raising crop yields
  • Fostering peace
  • Promoting equality among both genders
  • Increasing income and
  • Making people healthier among other factors.
The Global Partnership of Education that is an institution tasked with ensuring that children go to school explains that education has many positive outcomes. Education can help an individual provide for themselves as well as their families. Also, it can help in sustaining economic growth, preventing the spread of diseases such as HIV/AIDS and help fight anti-development vices in the society such as graft and corruption. The organization has provided proof that the investment in education is truly worthwhile and can make a big difference for developing families. Education also benefits the society as a whole because if everyone in the society is educated, they would not have to go through poverty that encroaches people.
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