Always go to class unless there is an emergency situation. If you miss out on your class session make sure that you have a valid reason for natural calamities or sickness. College students tend to miss their classes because they are on vacation which is not a good excuse to miss class. Attend all classes to ensure that you fully understand what has been taught and take down notes for revision. Lecturers will not force you to attend lectures, but it is your duty as a student to make sure you visit them entirely. Some colleges have tried to reduce absenteeism in classes by issuing an attendance list which every present student should sign. The problem is that students sign on behalf of each other. Ensure that you attend all classes while in college and be attentive. Avoid distractions and switch your mobile phones to silent while in class. This will help you concentrate more thus understanding what is being taught.
College students should not expect less work in their courses. You will feel the pressure of busy schedule once in college. This is because you have different sessions with different lecturers who give different assignments either weekly or monthly. With notice, you will notice that you have a lot of tasks to complete with less time. Some assignments will be given to you with no reasonable amount of time to complete, but you have to. The student must fit the coursework into their busy lives by creating a schedule or a timetable. In every course, the tutor has specific materials that have to be covered within a defined period. Some may teach while other may give you some work to do as assignments.
When I joined college, I was just like any other regular student. The problem was that I was a part-time student as I was studying while still working. That was my real concern, how to balance both school and work and even excel in both. I learned a lot during my freshman year. I had to know how to survive in school without getting bullied or have so much fun that I forget I’m still a student. I learnt a lot of things that I am going to share on this article and hope that it might help a student out there.