Academic assignments throughout the semester can be quite time consuming especially for science students who on top of regular course work and term papers have lab reports to write for every experiment they do in the laboratory sessions. However, these reports are vital even in the out of school in the professional scientific fields as they usually contain important information of the experiment that is useful to the person who conducted the experiment and the scientific world in general for review, referencing and further studies on similar experiments to find out the limitations of one’s research or previous works as well.
It is important to know how to write a good report, to do this, one needs to identify the key components of a well written report. A good report needs to clearly show whether or not the conducted experiment adds to or contradicts previous findings of similar experiments. This is achieved by ensuring the correct format is followed. Different lab reports will have different formats depending on the experiment. However, there are key components that need to be included in a good report. These are:
  • Introduction
  • Methods Used
  • Materials
  • Results
  • Analysis and interpretation of results
  • Discussion
These are some of the basic components that make a good lab report, other aspects like abstract, conclusion, appendices etc. are also important to offer clarity and to show comprehensive understanding of the experiment.
The introduction section states the hypothesis and explains the purpose of the experiment in general, it is usually a detailed experiment of what the experiment is about, what it looks to find and details on the expected results and the methodology involved.
After explaining and introducing the experiment, the methods used to obtain results for the particular hypothesis need to be identified, here, the materials used can also be included. Therefore, you need to explain clearly how the hypothesis was tested, all the materials that were used and why those materials and what were the indicators involved.
The report also needs to clearly show the results obtained, this is done by graphic representation through tables or graphs of the raw data collected. It is important to ensure that the presented results can be clearly understood by the audience or reader i.e. it should be easy to read.
The discussion part is vital as it further explores the results that have been obtained and seeks to provide deep insight as to whether the collected data supports the hypothesis and explored the implications of obtained results and the potential limitations and loop holes of your experiment.
Writing a good report therefore requires significant time to include all the components required by the professor, that is why there are lab report writing services that are devoted to provide reports of professional quality to students that have a hard time writing one or working students who don’t have enough time. Today, you can simply order a lab report within your specifications and get one delivered to you within the right time for submission.